Tuesday, May 3, 2011

update....3 months....

Yesterday, marked 3 months since my surgery. Things continue to go very well. In fact, yesterday I was officially down 100lbs from my highest weight ever (which was a year before surgery)!!! WOW!! I am still amazed at that each time I get on the scale. I continue to reach little goals that I set for myself and am so grateful for the support that I get from my family!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

7 weeks now....

...and things seem to be going very well. From all I have heard and read, I am having an easier time than most - and for that I am VERY VERY VERY grateful.

I am now under 290!! I am averaging about 4lbs a week since surgery....It seems almost unreal to me each time I step on the scale...like I can hardly believe it or like I dont deserve it or something. I know I do. I have worked hard, and am following all the rules. I have given up many things that I thought I never could....and it is OK! If I can keep up this pace (not sure if I can or not)...I will be at my goal weight by my birthday this year!!!

I went back to work last week. I was wondering how that would go, if it would make things harder or easier or what? It was just fine. The only thing it does affect is my gym time. It is really hard to get to the gym and get enough sleep when I work back to back nights. But I am still getting to the gym at least 4 times a week when I am not back to back working, so YAY for that. I am going to need to switch up my exercise soon....what should I do?? I dont know. I think I want to loose about 20 more lbs and then maybe try a class or something.....maybe.

Another thing I have that many people dont is AWESOME SUPPORT from my family and friends....so THANK YOU for that!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

5 weeks post op.....

Well, last week I started at the gym hoping it would make a difference in my loss....and when I got on the scale this morning (I only weigh in on Monday's now)...IT DID!! I made it to the gym 4 times last week, and today I was down 6 lbs(6.2 to be exact!!) Which puts me significantly under 300!!! The first time in over 11 years.....HAPPY DAY! I think I'll keep going to the gym!!

Thank you all for your support. There are people who go through this with no support from family or friends, and I think that would be just MISSERABLE! I am a lucky girl!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SLow and steady wins the race.....right?....

Well, on Monday I was 4 weeks post op....and I am feeling good. My biggest complaint is that the weight seems to be coming off SO SLOWLY....but it is coming off, and I guess that is what matters. I know we are not supposed to compare ourselves to others, but it is hard when I see people losing 30+ lbs a month, and I lost just 13. Oh well. That is an average of 3lbs a week, and if I can maintain that, then in a year I will be down 150lbs....almost to my goal. I can live with that.

Because the weight is coming off slowly, the scale was making me CRAZY....so I only weigh once a week. If I look back at the last month and take just my Monday weigh in's, I show a loss each week...even if it is only one pound. That makes me feel better.

I joined a gym this week, and I have been there every day since....well, that's only 2 days, but it is a start. I also started an official food journal so I can track my protien, fat, carbs, calories, and fluid intake. I have been following all the rules, I just havent been writing it down until now. I want to have a hard copy so that I can show the dietician when I go in....in case my weight loss does not pick up.

My goal was to be down 100lbs (from my weight on Jan 03, 2011) before we move to Atlanta...well, that is in 3 more months which means I still want to loose about 65 more lbs. That is 20-25 lbs a month. I hope I can do it!!

Mom took my measurements, and since the first of the year, I have lost a total of 15.75 inches....WOW!! I didnt believe her, and I made her measure again.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm here, I'm queer, and I don't want any more bears!

So... I'm having a little break down. 
I don't even remember the last weight I posted but I'm at 243 right now. Not so happy with this. 
I am taking this nutrition class right now and I am surprised at how much I am learning. I thought I pretty much knew it all. But there are some changes that I have made because I have been so concerned with the calorie number and not thinking about the value of the food. I switched all grains to whole grain when at all possible. The carbs may be the same but because of the added fiber and non processed wheat grain it takes your body 3 times as long to break down the carbs into sugar, therefore avoiding the SPIKE in blood sugar that causes your pancreas to go on an insulin roller coaster. Also making sure the oils you use for cooking and what not have mostly polyunsaturated fats. These are: Best: Safflower, Canola Better: Flaxseed, Walnut, Sunflower and Good: Olive, Peanut (for high heat). Worst: Coconut, Butter, Lard. If you want to check your oils, look for the ones with he highest polyunsaturated fats. These actually help lower bad cholesterol. So these are just a few things that I am changing. So that's good. But about that mental break down...
I started taking Phentermine last week. Susie had great success early and my doctor said it was fine so I am trying it. I have only lost 1 lb. I walk a lot. I would say about 2 hours a week. I still can not run very far with out giving myself a migraine. So I thought of a solution. I have been wanting a bike for a long time. I don't want to have to drive my car any place that I could ride a bike. I figure it will save me money and be healthy. So the first chance I got, I rode my bike to the gym and back (about 6 mi) and did a 30min elliptical work out. My legs were wobbly and tired but I didn't think I was breathing exceptionally hard. I felt great then that night about 10pm I got the most excruciating migraine of my life. I couldn't sleep even after taking a vicoden and a sleeping pill. I couldn't lay down because my pillow felt like it was a baseball bat smacking me in the skull. I sat on my couch writhing in pain for 18 hours. I wasted an entire day and at the end of it I was so exhausted that I had to sleep forever. So goodbye Thursday I missed you completely! Is that what I get for riding my bike?... For trying to be healthy? I know I sound like a broken record but I feel hopeless and sad.  
I don't feel like giving up. But I sure wish I knew what to do next.      

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This weeks weigh in

Okay so I weighed in today at WW it has been two weeks since my last official weigh in. so here is a little recap
Jan 20th up 2lbs to 249.8
Jan 27 down .2 to 249.6
Feb 3 no official weigh in

Monday 2/7 I stood on Marie's scale at 251 lbs
Wed 2/9 I again stood on Marie"s scale at 243 lbs

Feb 10 down to 243.0 (officially I am down 6.6lbs from my last WW meeting, but from Monday I am down 8lbs)

So what happened on Monday? Well I decided I needed a boost in the weight loss area, So I got some information from Christi on her pre-op liquid diet. (She had lived on it for 2 weeks). It consists of Protein Shakes, Multi vitamins, Broths, Veggie juices, and sugar free popsicles and Jello. I decided that I would do this for a week to help me focus on what I needed to do to start dropping the pounds. It has been 3.5 days and it has been easier than I expected. I have already sat down and planned out my menus for next week so I can focus on continuing to drop the weight instead of just putting it all back on.

Thanks for all the support that I get from you all.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Clear Liquids...

This is the end of my 6th day of clear liquids (plus protien drinks), and I have lost 12lbs this week. It has been easier than I thought it would be..I am not really hungry, but I do want food...if that makes sense. I will not cheat though. Just not worth it. I have 8 more days of this...then on to the next step.